Decorate with our Zuma Beach Gray Whale sticker, featuring our original illustration printed on weatherproof paper! The sticker features our original design, also found on our shirts. Sticker measures 3 inches at the longest dimension. This listing is for one sticker.


MATERIAL: These stickers are printed on matte weatherproof paper using an inkjet printer. They are water resistant, but are not recommended for use on objects that will be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine. Recommended for phone cases, hand-washed water bottles, bumpers, journaling and more.



This design is dedicated to the amazing gray whales that we can see every year on their annual migration north, sometimes even from the beach like at Zuma Beach in LA. Gray whale moms give birth in the warm waters of Baja California in the winter, then migrate north with their calves all the way to Alaska where the food is abundant during summer months. They often stay very close to the coastline to protect themselves from predators like orcas and sharks, which makes seeing them in the wild nearly guaranteed. They can be easily identified by the shape of their “blow”, the huge cloud of exhaled breath that they release at the surface of the water, since theirs is shaped distinctly like a heart!

Zuma Beach Gray Whale Sticker - Weatherproof

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