This listing includes access to a Virtual Field Trip lesson based at the Zoo! Perfect for engaging students in fun, interactive distance learning from home.


The entire field trip is contained within one Google Slides or PowerPoint file (both options included), and features the following:


  • Seven (7) original videos not accessible anywhere else, fully scripted with voice-over and captions, featuring educational information and stories about a fictional zoo's wildlife (each 2-3 minutes)
  • "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style choices built in: students choose which animal exhibit to visit next through linked slides/buttons, allowing for a unique, personalized, easy to use experience
  • Fully computer-animated clips of each animal showing natural behaviors inside the zoo, created using a video game engine
  • Information about nine (9) unique animal species in the zoo, including: tigers, red pandas, pygmy hippos, komodo dragons, warthogs, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and brown bears
  • Fact-based quiz questions after each animal exhibit (multiple choice and true-or-false)
  • Summary reflection question at the end of the field trip ("What did you learn today that you are most excited to share with your friends and family?")
  • Please see the preview for our introduction video to give you an example of the visual and voice-over content!

Zoo Virtual Field Trip - Google Apps

  • Each animal video includes some or all of the following information about the species:

    • Names and ages of the animals on exhibit
    • Natural habitat
    • Species diet preferences
    • Social group information
    • Conservation status and threats to native habitat
    • Why these animals are in the zoo (rescued, born here, etc.)
    • Short story about some of the individual animals
  • The digital download includes one personal-use license for the virtual field trip described above. For personal use only, not commercial use. Purchasing a license for this project grants the buyer permission to use the product, but not to sell or redistribute the product, files, or artwork. Please purchase additional licenses to share this product with other teachers.

All products ship from Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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