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Our cotton, long sleeve tee features our original character Hewey the walrus on the front of the shirt and our logo on the elbows of the sleeves. All sizes are unisex.



Walruses are related to other pinniped species (seals and sea lions) and live in the Arctic, where they haul out onto the rocky beaches in groups of tens of thousands during the summer months. Their favorite food is clams, which they dig out of the sand on the seafloor in shallow waters using their vibrissae (specialized whiskers) and flippers. Walruses' characteristic tusks are present in males and females and are used for fighting and defense, as well as helping to pull themselves out of the water and up onto ice. Because they give birth on the sea ice, walruses are one of the most vulnerable species to climate change.


You can help walruses by fighting climate change wherever possible, including your home, workplace, community, and country.

Walrus Long Sleeve Tee

SKU: T008
  • The Dark Heather Gray color is 50% cotton, 50% polyester. All other colors are 100% cotton. Printed by hand on 6 oz. tees and made to order.