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Our cotton, short sleeve tee features our original character Bram the vampire squid on the back of the shirt and our logo on the lefthand side of the front. All sizes are unisex.



Vampire squids live in the deep sea, often at depths of 600 meters or deeper, where there is no light and very little oxygen. This species has adapted to this harsh environment with a low metabolism that requires a minimum amount of oxygen to function and spiny projections beneath its arms that it uses for defense rather than an ink sac. Despite their name, they actually feed on detritus sinking from above rather than blood! They grow to a maximum of one foot in length and have some of the largest eyes (proportional to their body size) in the animal kingdom.


You can help vampire squids by choosing sustainable seafood options to preserve the health of the ecosystems near the surface that support the deep sea environment.

Vampire Squid Short Sleeve Tee

SKU: T004
  • The Dark Heather Gray color is 50% cotton, 50% polyester. All other colors are 100% cotton. Printed by hand on 6 oz. tees and made to order.