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Our cotton, short sleeve tee features our original "Save Our Sharks" design on the back of the shirt and a shark silhouette on the lefthand side of the front. All sizes are unisex.



There are over 400 species of sharks in the world, and the jaws featured on our tee are modeled after the great white shark, an apex predator found in epipelagic (surface) and coastal waters around the globe. Despite thieir media image to the contrary, sharks do not prefer humans over their usual prey of fish, marine mammals, and birds. You have a higher chance of being struck by lightning than attacked by a shark, and these amazing creatures are vital to their ecosystems' health. The largest sharks in the world, whale sharks, regularly grow to over 30 feet in length yet feed on plankton!


You can help sharks by always choosing sustainably-sourced seafood, which reduces the risk of bycatch including sharks, and by speaking out against their negative perception in popular opinion.

Save Our Sharks Short Sleeve Tee

SKU: T002
  • The Dark Heather Gray color is 50% cotton, 50% polyester. All other colors are 100% cotton. Printed by hand on 6 oz. tees and made to order.