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Our cotton, long sleeve tee features our original character Beau the polar bear on the front of the shirt and paw prints on the hand areas of the sleeves. All sizes are unisex.



Polar bears live in the Artic Circle and are considered marine mammals due to their diet, habitat, and lifestyle. They are some of the largest bears, usually around the same size of the Kodiak brown bears, with males weighing in at up to 1,500 pounds. They are highly carnivorous, feeding mostly on ringed seals, bearded seals, walruses, narwhals, and beluga whales. The reproductive rate of polar bears is the lowest of all marine mammals, making them particularly vulnerable to environmental threats because recovery of the species is slow. The greatest concern for polar bears currently is climate change, which is already altering the icy environment they rely on.


You can help polar bears by fighting climate change wherever possible, including your home, workplace, community, and country.

Polar Bear Long Sleeve Tee

SKU: T005
  • The Dark Heather Gray color is 50% cotton, 50% polyester. All other colors are 100% cotton. Printed by hand on 6 oz. tees and made to order.