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Our cotton, long sleeve tee features our original character Mochi the harbor seal on the front of the shirt and her seal spots on the elbow areas of the sleeves. All sizes are unisex.



Harbor seals are the most widely distributed pinniped species in the world, inhabiting coastal waters throughout the Northern Hemisphere. They enjoy chowing down on fish like salmon and cod, which they catch while spending up to several days out at sea, and they rest while hauled out on shore in between feeding trips. Each harbor seal has a unique pattern of spots on their coat, which emerge from beneath a white coat usually lost before or shortly after birth. 


You can help harbor seals by helping to keep our beaches clean and seal-friendly! While this species is not currently endangered or threatened, they do sometimes become entangled in marine debris. Harbor seals in New England are also stranding at higher rates than usual since 2018 due to phocine distemper virus, and you can help by supporting the marine mammal rescue centers in the region.

Harbor Seal Long Sleeve Tee

SKU: T006
  • The Dark Heather Gray color is 50% cotton, 50% polyester. All other colors are 100% cotton. Printed by hand on 6 oz. tees and made to order.